Making It Easier To Access Funding While Achieving Outcomes

Improving health and quality of life requires moving interconnected systems. Ratecards designed by Shift Health Accelerator recognize it takes a diverse set of interventions, from multiple community providers, to generate outcomes of interest to multiple types of funders, in places across the United States. A Ratecard is a menu of outcomes, linked by a logic model, and tied to a base of evidence. The Ratecards influence the systems underlying health equity and the paths to achieve a Culture of Health.

Oh, We’re Just Getting Warmed Up — Come Vision With Us

No one person can make culture change or create the future. For that, we need a community. We want to co-create a future for outcomes-based funding that prioritizes equity, grassroots leadership and the dignity of people and places. Come join the dialogue with us. Check out the recently published principles - "A Vision for the Field: Equitable Outcomes Funding"

Published Tools in Progress

Economic Inclusion Rate Card

Food Sovereignty Rate Card

Built Environment Rate Card

And No One Walks Alone

We provide technical assistance to both community and funder partners to:

Why Start From Scratch If You Don’t Have To

We are building some tools and templates to help community work. Things like sample evaluation plans and outcomes-based funding contracts.