Shift Advisory Services

Shift’s national network of health equity leaders advises on community governance strategy for a range of clients. Our approach is unique in the ways that we center community leader expertise in strategy design and consultation, tool generation, and field thought leadership. Shift’s approach is grounded in walking our talk to apply a community governance lens to health equity initiatives and we are positioned to partner with you to do the same. 

Shift assembles customized consulting teams that both meet the client's needs and creates value for long-term partnership toward systemic change. We have translated all of our discrete advisory projects into continued partnerships with colleagues across the field, inviting new ways to think about consulting centered in trust-based relationships.


Institutional Strategy and Community Governance Design

Shift offers individual or cohort-level technical assistance for institutions, community leaders, and cross-sector partnerships to realize their equity commitments via establishing community-led strategies, including:

  • Upfront assessment and insights on readiness for equitable community governance
  • Landscape analysis of promising best practices and/or local assets
  • Access to Shift tools and strategies including Health Equity Accountability Toolkit for Health System Leaders, Process tools for participatory funding projects, Participatory Investing Toolkit, Data Standards and Data Equity consultation
  • Strategy design and recommendations customized for specific initiatives to test, iterate, and deepen commitments to community governance

Community Governance Testing and Learning

Shift offers individual or cohort-level technical assistance to actualize the commitments to community governance through testing, coaching and iterating on strategies, including:

  • Technical setup support including charters, stakeholder recruitment, decision-making, ongoing engagement
  • Skills-building/coaching for community engagement, facilitating across diverse audiences, learning-centered testing approaches
  • Live facilitation of gatherings/cohorts to test components of community governance
  • Design and testing of participatory funding projects (grantmaking, investing, organizational budgeting)
  • Development of a comprehensive learning strategy to evaluate strategies, understand growth edges, and create space for adaptive change

Dialogue Design and Field Thought Leadership

Shift collaborates with organizations and networks interested in designing a health or healing focused conversation or event, including:

  • Thought partnership for event goals, strategy, and field positioning
  • Sourcing experts from Shift’s network as speakers and facilitators
  • Support for content design
  • Event facilitation, graphic facilitation, and other creative engagement strategies

Topic-Specific Advising for Community Governance Initiatives

Shift sources content experts for consulting projects on a host of topics, including: 

  • Community governance of health equity initiatives
  • Health data projects
  • Health equity implementation
  • Community Needs Assessments and community benefits strategies
  • Multisector collaboratives
  • Health equity policy
  • Healthcare and CBO partnerships
  • Healthcare accountability to health equity commitments
  • Participatory grantmaking and investing
  • Capacity-building for SDOH initiatives
  • Topic areas such as reproductive justice, maternal and child health, housing and health, climate justice, community development and health partnerships
  • Fundraising for health equity work

Our team is multidisciplinary, working on improving health outcomes across community settings, healthcare settings, food systems, transportation, housing, arts/culture, and more. Our team has led strategy and delivery of community-led governance, programming, collaborations, grantmaking, investing, and data. Our team holds skillsets that help bring strategy into reality, including serving as facilitation consultants and leaders to our various clients, strategic planning for large regional health transformation initiatives, collective visioning processes, equitable assessment and learning, and deep subject matter expertise in various dimensions of social justice, climate justice, social determinants of health, power/privilege, rural vs. urban issues, and systems of oppression.

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