Community-Led Pathways to Health

Realizing health equity commitments requires a bold reimagination of how healthcare institutions and communities work together. Are you and your team:

  • Wondering why traditional approaches to population health and community engagement do not go far enough in generating health impact and savings?
  • Seeking to make a stronger internal value case for health equity interventions to executive or finance leadership at your institution?
  • Exploring racial justice and economic justice approaches that call for power-sharing -- but are uncertain how to operationalize or facilitate that work?
  • Missing out on how centering community decision-making and partnerships are crucial to staying ahead of regulatory and innovation trends in healthcare?


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Shift Health Accelerator brings decades of experience in these topics, via a national network of community health-focused leaders spearheading new models that redefine health and healing -- as well as how it is actualized through community governance and ownership. This May, we are launching a four-workshop series for health system leaders and other institutional actors who are ready to push their institutions beyond the status quo, as well as approach community partnership in new and equitable ways.

These Sessions

These sessions are not your typical informational webinar -- in addition to learning from leaders who are advancing health equity in executive health system roles as well as community leaders who are putting forth holistic visions for health in BIPOC communities, you will also have the opportunity to engage in active reflection, real-time practice, and community-building. Participants will walk away with:

  • Unique strategy, design, and execution insights from Shift’s network of community and healthcare leaders;
  • Targeted reflection and practice exercises aimed at translating content from each of our sessions into questions and actionable pathways that are relevant for your work;
  • Interactive learning and discussion with a community of like-minded peers;
  • Specific tools from Shift’s Practice Toolkit to advance this work inside of your institution and in partnership with communities.

Workshop Summaries

Session 1: From Population Health to Health Justice -- May 2nd

  • Existing approaches in population health and social needs aren’t moving the needle on health outcomes. Actualizing institutional commitments to health, racial, and economic justice requires taking a look at the root causes that shape those social needs. Hear from population health, community benefit, and racial equity leaders who are implementing approaches that tackle structural determinants and come away with tools to assess and evolve your current strategy.

Session 1: From Population Health to Health Justice

Session 3: From Charity Model to Shared Governance

Session 2: From Community Engagement to Community Accountability

Session 4: From Institutional Return to Community Wealth

Meet Our Panelists

Session 1

Camryn Smith

Camryn Smith

Erika Seth Davies

Erika Seth Davies

Caitlin Dunklee

Caitlin Dunklee

Robert Torres

Robert Torres

Eugene Cooke

Melissa Bosworth

Melissa Bosworth

Session 2

Artair Rogers, Harvard School of Public Health

Leigh Caswell, Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Felipe Tendick-Matesanz, Cook County Public Health

Session 3

Jeremy Moore, Reinvestment Fund

Carli Yoro, Emerald Cities Collaborative

Corinne Chacon, Field of Stars

Session 4

Tap Bui, Song Community Development Corporation

Romi Hall, Center for Community Investment

Jessyca Dudley, Bold Ventures