Here are some of the outstanding communities we have the honor of working with


Hawaii Good Food Alliance

Hawaii imports about 90% of its food, and communities want to change that. The Good Food Alliance is working across all the islands to improve access to local, good food that can promote healthy eating. That includes work to access more farmland, connect youth to their culture of producing food, and partnering with schools and health clinics to bring the cultures and connections of food into the healing process. Shift Health Accelerator is helping the Alliance articulate shared outcomes across a network of 10+ organizations. We’ll have more on this work as it progresses so stay tuned.


Who says the sewer agency and marine industry can’t be health providers!?

Shift Health Accelerator is helping Seattle Public Utilities, the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, and the surrounding marine industry to envision how to use the open space around a new sewer pump station to build community health. The uses could include pop-up stalls for local food vendors from the community, paths and vegetation for relaxing on break time, and signage and features to create more community cohesion. There’s all sorts of ways that other funding partners could join with Seattle Public Utilities to sustain the ongoing health benefits of this space if we get creative.