Shift Clinic

Supporting leaders secure investments and partnerships for community-led change

Shift supported a network of community leaders throughout 2021 and 2022 advancing efforts in California, Pacific Northwest, and North Carolina including:

California Black Women’s Health Project spearheading Community Defined Evidence Practices to support mental health of Black women and girls in CA.

Insight Garden Program harnessing resources to reimagine healing in prison through connections to nature and food.

Transformative In-prison Workgroup connecting across networks to shift resources toward healing and decarceration across California.

Priority Spokane supporting collective impact and mutual aid networks for emergency supports during the pandemic in Spokane, WA.

Communities in Partnership leading community driven wealth building, health, and racial, economic, and social liberation efforts in Durham, NC.

Hood Huggers propelling arts and culturally-rooted community development social enterprise, spearheading a Health & Business Incubator for health and wealth of BIPOC communities in Asheville, NC.