California Black Women’s Health Project

California Clinic: Culturally-Defined Evidence Practices

For over a quarter of a century, California Black Women’s Health Project (CABWHP) has served as the only statewide leader and non-profit agency solely dedicated to improving the health and wellness of California’s 1.2 million Black women and girls. Through capacity-building and training, policy change, and collaboration, CABWHP designs and delivers programs focused on changing individual, family, community, and cultural norms around overall health and well-being. The programming legacy of CABWHP is centered on a nationally recognized “Sister-Circle” model which complements the strategic focus on policy, advocacy, training, education and outreach. Programs and services are grounded in the lived experiences of Black women and shaped in response to the social and systems determinants of health that negatively impact those lived experiences. CABWHP holds a vision not only of building a pipeline of mental healthcare leaders, but also of transforming systems of healthcare to reflect and respond to the diversity of needs of Black women and girls. To this end, CABWHP is building the evidence base through programs and engaging local mental health departments, public health, and healthcare to embed Culturally Defined Evidence Practices in institutional commitments.