Resourcing health equity: from charity models to shared governance

June 20, 2024 12:45 pm | by

The third session of the Reimagining Equity series focused on resourcing community-led health efforts and specifically, ensuring that governance of health equity resources is shared between institutional and community partners. The session again brought to the forefront research that Shift’s network has surfaced around key pain points faced by community leaders when engaging with health systems to advance a community-rooted vision of health. The research also uplifted pain points perceived by health systems that limit more substantial power shifts and uphold status quo charity models. The session aimed to help participants Reflect on how resources flow and how community governance can be applied to funding and investments, positioning financial decision-making as a root determinant of health and reimagining what is possible for returns on investment to further amplify community health and wealth. Speakers for this session included Jeremy Moore of the Reinvestment Fund, Carli Yoro of Emerald Cities Collaborative, and Corinne Chacon of Field of Stars. Their insights helped further interrogate key challenges that limit participatory funding as well as a new vision for community governance of health resources. This panel was followed by an example of participatory investing in the philanthropic space and parallels for testing the model within the health sector. Check out the videos from the series!