Community Governance: Amplifying Impact of the Real People’s Fund

February 12, 2024 9:30 am | by

Shift Health recently partnered with the REAL People's Fund (RPF) to explore innovative collective governance and equitable decision-making models. RPF is a community-powered fund and entrepreneurship program focused on non-extractive capital, holistic business support, and opportunities to build political power for BIPOC entrepreneurs in East Bay (CA) communities. Shift partnered to deepen RPF’s movement work to build community wealth and inclusive economy specifically through community power and governance.

This endeavor brought together the leadership of RPF, a diverse array of organizations involved in power-building, fund management, and support for local BIPOC entrepreneurs. The partnership aimed to unearth key insights, address challenges, and identify opportunities for strengthening governance, ensuring a strategic and equitable approach to managing the fund and collective impact efforts.

Shift’s role was to hold space for participating organizations to highlight and harness the collective wisdom and assets of each leader and organization to accelerate the collective vision of the group. By creating a space for open dialogue and collaboration, the retreat enabled stakeholders to share their unique perspectives and experiences.

Shift brings advisory and facilitation services specifically to efforts that are interested in strengthening collective community power sharing and governance, with an emphasis on collective initiatives centering BIPOC leadership and deepening commitments to anti-racism and racial justice. The team leveraged an adaptive facilitation process, co-creating the agenda to meet the immediate needs of the group, while focusing on key challenges that will lay the foundation for more equitable and effective governance moving forward. Shift’s advisory services attempt to foster a sense of ownership and shared responsibility among participants. Ultimately, this retreat positioned RPF to continue driving impact and support BIPOC entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.