Community Co-Design for Climate Resilience

June 4, 2024 1:03 am | by

Shift presented at the recent Healthcare Without Harm CleanMed Pre-Conference on Building community-centered health care climate resilience. The workshop focused on examples and tools for community-centered healthcare climate efforts. Participants came to the session to further amplify enterprise-wide climate resilience efforts and specifically, deepen commitments to equity, environmental justice, and community planning within climate efforts. Shift’s session focused on the practice of community-institution co-design and opportunities to spearhead concrete shifts in power from healthcare to community. Workshop attendees learned about examples in the field from Shift’s network of community leaders, including Blue Note Junction in Asheville, NC; Del Paso Heights Growers’ Alliance in Sacramento, CA; and the Bay Area Anchors in Resilient Communities initiative. Participants reflected on their own sphere of influence within their healthcare institution, with the probe: “where would the community member that you are in relationship with be able to enter into a co-design space with you?” The session helped participants envision concrete practices to shift from institutionally driven structures, decisions, initiatives, and funding into community governance and ownership of funding, evaluation, and systemic transformation.